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thymrevit revitalisierungskapseln 10mg


Thymrevit – with the unique active substance GKL-03 – stimulates the natural function of the thymus gland and thus the formation of defence cells. For dietary treatment of diseases involving immune system, dysfunction and deficiency. In particular cancer and severe infections, for immune system restoration following chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Dietary food for special medical purposes. Supplement balanced diet. Consult a healthcare professional first. Thymrevit 10mg for dietary treatment of diseases involving immune system, dysfunction and deficiency. Thymrevit 1mg for prevention (e.g. flu, allergies, herpes etc.)
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General Information

The thymus gland is the most important monitoring and control organ in the body’s immune defence system. Atrophy of or damage to this organ in the elderly and in patients suffering from severe illnesses causes a wide variety of secondary diseases. Chronic diseases in particular always involve so-called immunodeficiency. The function of the thymus gland is weakened in cancer and acquired immunodeficiency.

Oral intake of the peptide ingredient complex GKL-03 result in modulation and regulation of these important immune system processes. Experiential data and studies both confirm that, even in severe immune defects, thymus peptides can improve immune status and thus help fight the disease.

Instructions for intake:

Unless otherwise prescribed by a physician, swallow 1 capsule with half a glass of water in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. Product should be taken for at least 4 weeks. Intake for a period of 3 months (or longer) may be necessary as instructed and monitored by a physician. For patients who are elderly, have a compromised post-infection status or are chronically ill, a cure with 2-3 doses of thymus peptides taken over a 30-day period may be advisable as a preventive measure, particularly during seasonal changes in the spring and fall. Healthy persons take this cure with the Thymrevit® Revitalization Capsule in the 1 mg dosage. In cases of chronic immunodeficiency, long-term intake under the supervision of the physician in charge of treatment, including monitoring of immune system function (immune status), may be required.

Youths and adults are treated with one 10 mg capsule daily.
Children aged 4 and over are treated with the Thymrevit® Revitalization Capsule in the 1 mg dosage as ordered by a physician.

Patients suffering from cancer, systemic diseases or other severe illnesses must always consult their physician before using this product.

No side effects are known.


Ingredients mg/Kapsel g/100g
Vitamin C* 60,0 11,2
Vitamin E* 10,0 1,9
GKL 03 Peptid-Komplex 10,0 1,9
bestehend aus:
Glycin 1,5 0,3
Glutaminsäure 1,1 0,2
Prolin 1,0 0,2
Lysin 1,0 0,2
Arginin 1,0 0,2
Alanin 1,0 0,2
Asparaginsäure 1,0 0,1
Valin 0,6 0,1
Leucin 0,6 0,1
Isoleucin 0,4 0,1
Threonin 0,4 0,1
Serin 0,3 0,1
Phenylalanin 0,3 0,1
Methionin 0,2 0,03
Histidin 0,1 0,01
Cystin** 0,02 0,004
Tyrosin 0,02 0,004
Vitamin B6* 4,0 0,8
Folsäure* 0,4 0,1
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)* 0,002 0,0004

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts mg/Kapsel g/100g
Kohlenhydrate 44,38 8,21
Fette 194,27 101,74
Eiweißstoffe 101,74 18,83
Brennwert in kcal 22,6 9,36
Brennwert in KJ 9,36 1732,74
1 Kapsel = 0,000 BE (Broteinheit)

Important Information